New Website Design

If you need a new website for a start-up or existing small business, I can help you to create one from scratch.

Design and layout. Page structure, text, logo, graphics, images.

Copy writing. New written content for your site – something that many web designers don’t provide.

Copy-editing. Making sure your content is consistent in style and checked for errors.

Domain name and hosting. Help with choosing and buying a domain name, and arranging your web hosting if required.

Redesigns. If you already have a website and would like a re-design, I can help with that too - Website Redesign

How does the web design process work?

Everyone's needs are different, so I can mix and match services to suit your budget, skills and time. This means you are only paying for the services you need.

For example, some clients prefer to write much of their own content, and some hire me to do it. Many are in between! I can guide you through what content you need. We can then decide together the best way forward.

You may already have photos and a logo, or be starting from scratch. Wherever you are in the design process I can use what you have or help to create fresh new visuals if needed.

Images and Graphic Design

beach and jetty, Gurnard Isle of Wight


Great photos are essential for most websites. I can usually work with any suitable images that you already have. If you need a professional photoshoot, I can arrange one.

Stock images

If you need to buy images for your site I can help you to research and select some great ones.

Designs and Illustrations

If you need professional graphics, I can find a suitable designer or illustrator for you.

red chillis and peppers in a white dish

Website Updates

You're not on your own! I can add website content updates super-quickly when needed.

I can quote for updates as part of a monthly care package. Or you can pay by the hour, whichever suits your business needs best.

Depending on what you need to do, it may be possible for you to update your site yourself.

Find out more about website content updates

Domain Name and Hosting

I can arrange this for you, or if you prefer, you can buy and manage your domain name and web hosting yourself.

Either way, you will own your domain name and are free to use it without tying yourself into a contract with me.

Who Do I Create Websites For?

I create websites for:

  • small businesses
  • self-employed professionals
  • organisations and charities
  • educational settings

I create sites for holiday homes - find out more - websites for holiday homes and property businesses

Here are some examples of businesses and organisations I can create websites for:

  • holiday homes
  • restaurants, cafes and bars
  • property and building
  • therapists
  • business consultants
  • charities
  • artists
  • tradespeople
  • pre-school & nurseries
  • dentists
  • opticians
  • vets

And many more! I'd love to have a chat about how I can help you.

Get in touch

I'm always happy to chat about websites! Email or call for a free no-obligation chat

My Portfolio

I work for a wide range of clients, here are some of my websites: