Website Design for Holiday Lets

Beautiful bespoke websites for holiday homes and holiday lets

Websites for Holiday Lets

If you own or manage a holiday let, having a well-designed website can:

  • show off your property to its best advantage
  • help you get more bookings
  • provide detailed information, and save you time answering queries
  • help you communicate with your existing guests
  • advertise other areas of your business
  • add value to your business.

Whether your let is:

  • a cosy holiday cottage,
  • a stylish holiday flat, or
  • a stunning holiday villa

a beautiful website will help you to market it.

Luxurious bedroom in a holiday home - double bed with white bedding, blue walls and cream carpet.
24a Castle Rd, Cowes. Photo: Thearle Photography

Why have a website for your holiday let?

Q. Is it worth having your own website if your bookings come via letting agents or social media?

A. Yes! Here are some reasons why having your own holiday let website is a good idea:

Security and flexibility

With your own website, you're in charge. You're not reliant on any one social media platform or agent. This gives you more security and flexibility in a changing market.

Something to consider is that it's easy to get accidentally suspended from sites like Facebook or Air BNB. So it's wise not to put all your 'marketing eggs' in one basket.

Don't want to take enquiries or bookings yourself? You can still direct all enquiries to your chosen agent from your website.

Mix and match your website with other platforms

If you use booking agents (and some are great!) - your website can back up your agent's listing.

  • You can include extra information and selling points.
  • It can be a useful resource for visitors - both before and during their stay.

You can still choose whether to take bookings yourself, use booking agents, or a mixture of both.

It's a core marketing asset

Having a website to link to from ads and social media means you can:

  • give more details
  • help guests to book
  • promote other areas of your business
  • cross promote with other businesses.

It's useful for your guests

Your website is the perfect place for detailed guest information. It saves them (and you) time, and is easy to update.

You can include directions, wifi code, local amenities, guest facilities, house rules and appliance instructions. (You can even password-protect details that you don't want non-guests to see.)

Having your own professional website improves your credibility as a business. It reassures potential visitors, especially if you're starting out and don't have many reviews.

Gives your business credibility

Having your own professional website improves your credibility as a business and host.

It reassures potential visitors, especially if you're starting out and don't have many reviews.

Front view of an attractive holiday home in Cowes with white panelling, white picket fence and garden.
24a Castle Rd, Cowes. Photo: Thearle Photography

Why choose me to design your holiday let website?

  • I have managed a holiday home myself.
  • I understand what information potential guests are looking for. This means I can help you through the process of writing and designing a website which will work for you.
  • I can help you to describe your property and its setting, so you attract guests who will love what you have to offer. As you know, happy guests are the best guests. They're much more likely to respect and care for your property, and recommend you to others!
  • My websites are individually designed. This means they reflect the property's own aesthetic, it's not a 'one size fits all' production line.
  • I can use colour palettes and typography to match any you already use. I can suggest new ideas if you'd like some inspiration.
  • I have experience in displaying property photos to their best effect.
  • I can recommend specialist Isle of Wight property photographers. I can also work with your photos if you already have a professional set.

Portfolio examples:

24a Castle Road Cowes

A luxury holiday rental in the heart of Cowes old town. This bespoke website reflects the colours and aesthetic of the property's beautiful decor.

The Mas en Provence

This luxury holiday home in Provence is an idyllic 18th Century farmhouse, set in its own olive grove.

The site design centres around the atmospheric indoor and outdoor photographs. Floorplans and a guest handbook were also created for the website.

Screenshot of homepage of the website of The Long House, Padmore, showing front of property, intro and one interior shot.

The Long House, Padmore

This stunning holiday home was set in idyllic walled gardens in Whippingham on the Isle of Wight. The website used colour and design elements from the house and garden.

This site is no longer live as the building has changed use.