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Website redesigns, improvements and upgrades.

Why would I need a website redesign?

Is your website doing its job? If not, then it's time to think about changing that!

A good website should help you achieve your business or organisation's goals.

If it isn't, it may be that:

  • your website is outdated, and no longer looks professional
  • your website doesn't fit with your branding
  • your business has gone in a different direction and the website needs to reflect this
  • your website needs an update to showcase your more recent products and services.

I'm always happy to take a no-obligation look at your site. We can discuss what isn't working for you and whether I can help.

I can work with you to resolve any of the above issues, and create a site to be proud of!

Frequently asked questions about website redesign

Can I use my existing content?

Yes - we can work together to identify what would be useful to keep. We can then incorporate this into your new website.

Can I use my company logo and graphics?

Yes, if you have digital files (jpg, png etc) or high quality printouts, we can use these in the design. If you need new graphics, I can help with that too.

Can you use my existing website files?

This depends on the format that they are in, and whether you have the passwords to access them. I usually create a new WordPress site from scratch, but can copy over content from your old site.

Is it cheaper to update my site or design a new website from scratch?

If you already have a lot of good-quality content, you can usually save money either way.

Whether it makes sense to build a new site depends on things like:

  • what software your site uses - if it's outdated then it's usually best to future-proof it by starting afresh.
  • how long you expect to be using your site for.
  • what new functionality is needed and whether the existing setup can do this.

In some cases it can be more expensive to try and adapt an existing site than to build a new one.

I can help you to decide which is the best way forward, just get in touch!

If you have more questions or would like a no-obligation review of your website, get in touch!

Want to find out more?

I'm always happy to chat about websites!