New Websites for Small Businesses

If you need a new website for a start-up or existing small business, we can help you to create one from scratch.

What you can expect:

  • Design and layout - page structure, menus, text, images
  • Professional copy writing as standard – something that many web designers don’t offer.
  • Elements such as contact forms within your site if required.
  • visitor tracker – find out where visitors to your site are coming from and which pages they visit.

Images and Graphic Design

Photography. Great photos are essential for most websites. We can usually work with any suitable images that you already have. If you need a professional photoshoot, we can arrange one.

Stock imagery. If you need to buy images for your site we can help you to research and select some great ones.

Graphic design. You may need a new ‘look’ for your corporate identity. If you would like to invest in this, we can find a suitable designer or illustrator for you.

Website Updates

We can add super-quick updates to your site when needed. We can quote in advance for update work, so that you can plan your web costings through the year.

Domain Name and Hosting

We can arrange this for you, or if you prefer, you can buy and manage your domain name and web hosting yourself.

Either way, you will own your domain name and are free to use it without tying yourself into a contract with me.

Who Do We Create Websites For?

We create websites for:

  • small businesses
  • self-employed professionals
  • organisations and charities
  • educational settings

Here are some examples of businesses and organisations we can create websites for:

  • restaurants, cafes and bars
  • holiday homes
  • property and building
  • therapists
  • business consultants
  • charities
  • artists
  • tradespeople
  • pre-school & nurseries
  • dentists
  • opticians
  • vets

And many more! We'd be delighted to have a chat about how we can help you.

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